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    Fuels and Energy Project

    What to do
    This project is designed for two people!!
    Work with a partner. Go to the website.
    The first topic is wind tunnels. The other topics are linked on the right hand panel.
    Take turns reading together about the four topics:
    Take notes including website locations, etc.
    1 Wind tunnels
    2 Ethanol
    3 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
    4 Hybrids
    When you finish your research you should be able to explain each of the above and say what you think about each of them.
    Your final report
    Each of you (two partners) should argue for or against the following statement. One of you will take the positive position. Your partner will take the opposite viewpoint. The statement you will either defend or oppose is:
    American car manufacturers are on the right track for solving the pollution problem caused by automobiles.
    State your position. Argue by giving at least three reasons and examples to support your reasons. Then write a conclusion paragraph.

    If you don’t want to write an essay or make a powerpoint you may do the following.
    ALTERNATE: Make a poster with illustrations to support your position. The poster will adher to the same rubric used for the essay but will include illustrations and may include bulleted lists of examples with references.
    How your final project will be judged.
    A complete project will meet all of these requirements. Total 100 points
    It will use complete sentences, proper spelling and grammar. 15 points
    It will have an introduction that states your position. 10 points
    It will use information from your reading and research and include references (tell where you got the info). 30 points
    It will have three reasons with examples (data, stories or other explanations of your reasoning). 30 points
    It will have a conclusion that summarizes your position. 10 points
    It should also state the name of your partner who is arguing for the opposite conclusion.
    5 points
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